Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Entry for June 21, 2006

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

I didn't get home 'till 2am this morning so I decided to wait until now to continue my train of thought from yesterday. So here now is part two....

....Because of all the trouble I've been having with the Logic Displays, I'm starting to consider a more voltage friendly solution: using fiber optics. This would be the more accurate thing to do. The original R2-D2 (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope or just Star Wars) and the official ILM R2-D2 (made for the prequels) uses fiber optics instead of a full mess of LEDs. They might be on to something. If I use fiber optics I'd only need one LED per color which means less power required which means an easier circuit design. Only drawback to fiber optics though is they'll take up more room inside the head than LEDs on a flat circuit board. This will take some more research and price figuring before I make a final decision.


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