Friday, August 24, 2007

Nearly complete

Hey there,

This past week I was able to do more work on my droid plus I have finished my evaluation of Blogger. I have decided Blogger is by far a much better blog service than Yahoo! 360 and thus all new progress on my droids will be posted here at Blogger exclusively. I will make one last post at Yahoo! 360 with a link to this blog. Before I do anymore work on building R6-C9, I'll copy all relevant post from my Yahoo! 360 blog to here with the same dates they were originally published.

Now to show you all the work I have recently done:

This is the rotation ring (disc #1) ready for gluing. Unlike the top half of the head where I had to position the ribs so they wouldn't interfere with lights and such sticking into the skins, I was able to evenly place the neck ribs. I chose to use eight ribs for the neck, placing them at 45° degrees from each other.

Here is the bottom of disc #2a glued to disc #2b with the slots for the neck ribs cutout. Before I attach the rib pieces, I will cut a hole in the center for hand access.

One last look at the head before I cut a hole in the middle and add the neck.

Here are the eight neck ribs all trimmed, sanded and ready to install.

Here I am using a router to cutout the center of disc's #2a & #2b. Because I'm cutting through an inch worth of wood, I'm cutting through in several passes. This is easier on the router and the router bit.

Finally I cut all the way through. Came out clean and even. Just a little sanding to smooth the edges.

Apply glue, insert wood, add clamps, and let sit for 24 hours.

The results after the glue dried. Came out amazing. The head is nearly complete. All that's left is to add the crown on top. But first I will take a break from shop work. This is the front where the radar eye will go.

A close up view of the new neck ribs.

The back of the head.

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