Sunday, February 15, 2009

Logic Display, take 3

Well I found the problem with the flasher circuit for the Logic Displays....I had the LEDs backwards, thus I had the battery backwards so the LEDs would light up backwards thus the circuit was connected to the battery backwards thus it wasn't working. Once I fixed the LEDs polarity and had the battery connected the right way the circuit worked....but then a new problem presented itself. If you look at the diagram (see the Jan. 11 posting) there's a componet named "P1." This part is a button. Once you connect the power, you have to puch the button until the last LED is lit and then releasing the button starts the chase sequence. I can't see having to always push a button on R6 just to make one set of lights work everytime I turn on the power. REJECT! Luckly, I have already found yet another canidate to flash the lights for the Logic Display, but before I give any more details, I'm going to test it first. Till then....


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