Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cause and Affect

I've been staring at the body frame trying to figure out where I goofed with some of the measurements. As I mentioned previously, the front horizontal ribs are a little higher than I intended and they don't line up to the vertical ribs correctly, thus I have to re-cut all the front horizontal ribs and at least the A, B, and C vertical ribs, maybe all of them. To top it all off the skins are still a little taller than the body, about an eighth of an inch.
I recently discovered the problems. First, the height: I checked the thickness of the wood and found it was about 1/16th of an inch thinner than 3/4". With the top and bottom base plates like this, I have an 1/8th" height difference, exactly how it measures compared to the skins. This can be easily fixed by gluing an 1/8" piece of wood or MDF to the top or bottom.
Next, the horizontal ribs: when I measured where to cut on the vertical ribs for the horizontal ribs to connect, I forgot to take into account that an extra 1/4 inch was going to be under the vertical ribs. Oops. This means everything is a 1/4 inch too high, except for horizontal rib #3 which is an entire half inch off. Not sure why it's the only one. Oh well.
Finally, why the horizontal ribs won't line up to the vertical: When I made the horizontal ribs, I used the template from the version 1 body, but later found it to be slightly flawed. I made the top base , bottom base, and #2 horizontal rib (the one that is a whole circle) correctly by using the patterns I cutout. But I forgot to redo the other horizontal ribs to match.
Looking back, I had less trouble making the first body frame because I didn't try to reverse engineer the plans before. Just goes to show that it is possible to over think something.

In other news, I decided to downgrade my R/C transmitter to a 5 channel instead of the 6 channel to same money. I'm only going to be using at least 3 channels anyway (2 for the foot drives, 1 for the head). No need to over do it.
Also, the speed controllers I ordered arrived late last week.

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