Monday, April 4, 2011

Made Motor Brackets

Friday I received the aluminum tubes for the foot drive motor brackets and Sunday I started work on cutting and drilling. To cut the aluminum I used metal cutting drill bits and my Dremel. I started by cutting the tubes to the desired length of 8-1/2" long. Then I taped the drilling patterns to each side of the tubes. Using a drill press I slowly drilled the holes needed for the wheel axle, the motor and the motor's mounting screws. Once that was done I used the Dremel and about two packs of cutting wheels to cut the wheel axle slots and half of the bottom to give the wheel clearance.
Drilling Patterns Drilling Complete Bottom Cut Out

Tada! All done.
Completed Motor Bracket Completed Motor Bracket

There is, however, one problem. The wheels do not fit. I tried everything but they will not fit inside and spin. The fit is just too tight to work. So that's $80 bucks down the drain. Luckily I have been shown another wheel that will work. They're half the price too. Wish I found them earlier. So other than the wheel problem the foot drive is nearly ready to install. Only thing left to do is devise a method to secure them inside the foot shell in such a way as to be able to remove them.

In the meantime I will either start work on the new head or start mounting the skins.


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