Monday, April 30, 2012

Face On

Second Layer Glued On Second layer is glued on! The wooden sticks are being used as clamps along each panel line to ensure it lays flat. For glue I used the Gem-Tac again. I'll keep the clamps on for 2 or more days to ensure the styrene will stay on and lay right. Once The clamps come off, I can take the head back to my Dad's shop to drill out the PSI and Holoprojector holes. After that I need to cut out the side boxes. I'll wait on painting the head for when I get the top on and I can't do that until I install the fiber optics for the Logic Displays.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cutting Out the Panels Update

Done! The panels are out! Observe....

Cutting Out Panels Cutting Out Panels

Next step is sanding the front and back of the main piece and cutouts, then gluing the main piece onto the head. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


Cutting Out the Panels

Just started cutting out the panels for the head. Got three done so far. I'll continue working on this today, but I wanted to share the excitement as I do it. Another update soon.

Painters tape is sticky enough to hold the ruler and styrene down so they don't move but not sticky enough as to smudge the pencil lines.
Cutting Out Panels Cutting Out Panels

Front Processor State Indicator panel is now loose.
Cutting Out Panels

Two more done, including the Front Logic Display panel.
Cutting Out Panels


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


At last. The moment we've all been waiting for. Well, maybe not THE moment, but one of them. These past few days I started drawing, measuring and cutting the second layer face piece for the head. Took me about 3-4 revisions before I got the spacing and everything right, but I did it. The panel layout is complete.

Using the same alignment method for cutting the pieces of styrene out, I measured and drew the panels. The main challenge was getting every detail spaced out to fit all the way around the head and be aligned where they need to be.
Drawing panels Drawing panels

When I had finished the first attempt, I cutout the second layer and test fit it on the head. These pictures are of the final test.
Test Fit - Front Test Fit - Back

Here's what it looks like when laid flat. For kicks, I positioned the resin Radar Eye I've had in storage since 2006 or 2007.
Panel Layout Final Radar Eye Test Fit

Next up is cutting out the panels. When I get the nerve.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Time Flys

I just noticed I haven't posted anything since January. Please pardon my absence. I've been busy getting up to speed with a new job I started in January.

Sadly I haven't done anything new since my last post. I'm planning to real soon. Just dealing with a lot of work and little money to spare.

Speaking of money, my "Funds for Celebration VI" progress is $0.00. Though I've been trying to save money since last August, stuff keeps happening requiring money. At this point it's not looking promising I'll be able to put aside enough money. But there is still a chance. As long as nothing happens within the next five months, I should be able to put aside just enough money for the trip. Fingers crossed.

Coming up soon (I hope): I still have two body skin panels to repaint plus painting the main skin panels themselves. Also finishing the head. Just one more main piece of styrene (plus the two top pieces), paint and lights and it's done.

Spring time is building time.