Friday, May 11, 2012

Painting HP's, Logic Woes

Today I sprayed on a third coat of paint onto the body skin panels and a first coat of aluminum paint onto the Holoprojectors.  Very happy with the results.
Photobucket First Aluminum coat

I'm having trouble getting the fiber optic strands to stay put in the templates.  The silicone idea didn't work out so I'll need to do a little brain scrubbing for a better idea.  Maybe you have one?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Logic Display Templates

Yesterday I finally made the Logic Templates, the little boards with holes cutout of them for the fiber optic strands to stick through.  I used a piece of Acrylic.  It has paper on each side to protect the surface since the surface is very smooth and glossy.  This worked to my advantage as the paper gave me a surface to easily draw the templates onto.
Logic Templates, Before cutout

After cutting out each piece, I used my Dremel Drill Press to make the holes.  Here's some math for you.  the front logics are made up of 2 5x9 grids for 45 points of light each, or 90 all together.  The rear logic is one 4x27 grid for 108 points of light.  All together I drilled out 198 3/32" holes.  Lots of fun!
Logic Templates, After cutout

Now for the fun part.  Threading each little hole with a strand of fiber optic cable.  I tried to start it last night but as I went along some of them kept falling out.  To solve this, I'm going to try to secure a few at a time.  I'll start with the front logics since I already have the fiber optics cut for them.  I ordered more fiber for the rear logics which should arrive in a few days....I hope.

Started painting the last two body panels.  Also did an aluminum color test on a piece of styrene.  Want to make sure I get the desired results for the HP's.

Another Midwest Builders Gathering is coming on June 2nd.  I hope to have the logics and PSI's temporarily mounted for it plus having the Radar Eye mounted.  Also, Celebration VI only 4 months away!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Holes and Paint

Yesterday I accomplished drilling the holes for the PSI's and the Holographic Projectors (HP's), and started priming the HP's and the two remaining skin panels.

Drilling Holes Drilling Holes Holes Drilled - Front Holes Drilled - Back Priming

I'm using a different primer than before.  This time I decided to try using an automotive wet-sandable primer.  It's also very fast drying so I can sand and prime it after only 4 hours where before I had to wait 48 hours.  Today I'll give the parts one more layer of primer then when dry, a first coat of paint.

Other work I did yesterday was sand down the PSI LED caps to fit the inside curvature of the head.  To do this I taped 150 grit sandpaper inside the head and then started rubbing the PSI LED cap against it.  It took a while, but I finished both caps.  Then I cemented the PSI lenses to the caps.  The PSI lens material is from a gallon milk jug.  The MacGyver way to built a droid, hehe.

Sanding Parts PSI Lenses Glued PSI Lenses Test

The resin Radar Eye was designed to fit an R2 shaped dome.  My R6 head, however, is shaped a little differently.  Do to this, I have to modify the Radar Eye to fit my R6 head's curvature using the same method I used for the PSI's.

Sanding Parts\

I spent over an hour last night rubbing the Eye and it's close, but I realized I still need to fit the lens for the eye behind it.  Will be examining the fit of these pieces to ensure proper look and fit.  Work in progress.

More updates to come.  May not post them until next weekend.  Stay tuned.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Begin Head Detailing

Last night I took the wooden sticks off. Thankfully, the second layer stayed on and the edges didn't peel up. Below are the Front, Right Side, Back, Left Side and mounted pictures.
Photobucket Right side Back Left side Photobucket

Later today I intend to take the head to my Dad's shop and drill out the PSI and HP holes. While I'm at it, I'm going to start painting the resin head parts I acquired years ago. In this picture are (left to right) 1 fixed-position holographic projector (will go on the back), 1 movable holographic projector (front, 3 pieces) and the iconic radar eye.
Holo Projectors and Radar Eye

The lenses for the radar eye is a separate piece which I will install once the radar is modified to fit and painted.

The HP's will be painted aluminum and the radar eye painted white in keeping with my chosen color scheme. In addition, I might also tackle the skin panels. Two need to be redone and the rest need clear coated. The results of all this tonight or tomorrow morning.