Monday, August 20, 2012

Fasionbly Late

Wow.  Three months, no posting.  That happened.

Sorry I haven't made any new updates until now.  My job got busy and other things so I kept putting off posting any kind of progress.  So now it's catching up time.

I'll start with the Midwest Builders Gathering in early June.

Good food and good friends.  Two things of note happened that day.  One, I installed the lens into the rear HP but when I tried to test fit it into the head, the hole I had cut for it was a little too small.  So now I have to make it bigger some how.
Photobucket Photobucket

Two, while driving R6 around, the threads on the U-Bolt got stripped somehow (too much stress?) so the leg pipes wouldn't stay secured.  Replaced it when I got back home but might need to find a more secure alternative.
Stripped U-bolt Stripped U-bolt, Close up showing the stripped threads.

Fast forward to one week from today.  The good news is I was able to save enough money for Celebration VI!  The bad news is, I didn't get everything done on the head like I wanted to by now.  Oh well.  I still got a lot done.  In addition I decided to finally mount the aluminum skins to the body, and of course I decide to do this one week before I leave for Florida.  But the results are awesome!  I even decided to paint them.
Rear-inner panel #4 flat-head wood screw Front-inner/outer panels Rear-inner/outer panels Priming outer panels

I used #4 wood screws to secure the skins to the body.  You'll notice how the screw heads are flush with the skins.  I used a special tool for that, the name of which escapes me at the moment.  I'll tell you when i remember.

So currently I'm in Georgia at a Hotel.  Tomorrow I finish the trip to Florida and Wednesday is setup day in the Droid room.  Now I must say good night.  I drove for 9 hours today and I want to sleep.