Sunday, June 2, 2013

Foot Drive Remake

Today I went to my arranged temporary work shop and started making new Foot Drive brackets.

The new brackets will be 2 inches longer than the originals to accommodate the swivel caster wheel I'm adding to the design.  I'm also lowering the drive wheel axle by a quarter inch for better ground clearance of the foot shell.  Otherwise, the design is the same.
Alu brackets ready for cutting photo r6drivev2_001_zps2ec3a2ba.jpg

Thus far I've drilled most of the holes needed and, using my Dremal, cut out the drive wheel axle slots on the left bracket.
Half-way finished photo r6drivev2_002_zps1fb716e1.jpg

Next week I hope to finish cutting and drilling the brackets so I can get started on the center foot caster and then the new legs.


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