Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pits and Shoulders

Yesterday I worked on the arm pits and drilled the mounting holes for the shoulders.

I wanted to use a 1/4" diameter router bit with a top mounted pattern bearing but couldn't find one to save my life.  All I could find was bits with the bearing on the bottom or both top and bottom but not top only.  Weird.  So I had to settle for using a 1/2" diameter bit with the bearing on top.  It worked, but the inside corners are a little more rounded than I'd like.  Later on after I get everything glued together, I'll try using a wood chisel to fix that.  The bit I used was a little too long so I had to add more thickness to the arm pit template.

Next, the mounting holes for the shoulders.  Not wanting to have to remake the shoulder hubs and pipe attachments, I needed to drill the holes to match the ones on the old legs.  To do this, I had to cut open the old legs so I could use them as a template.  No going back now.

Next weekend I might be ready to start gluing the pieces together.  Will carefully examine everything I've done thus far.  Don't want to forget anything.