Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A new year, no new news

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

Hello there Star Wars geeks.
It's another new year, 2006 A.D.. The ball dropped, couples "made out" in Times Square, and some of my co-workers greeted the day with hang-overs. Not me of course Image. All in all a run-of-the-mill new year.
Last night I was watching my C3 DVD (again), particically the Droid Yard 500 part and it got my brain buzzing with an idea: (drum role) design a third Astromech Droid for Droid Racing!!! Why? I'll explain. First, I can't use my R6-C9 because he'll be static. No motor. Second, my R2-D2, while he will have all the bells and whistles, will be designed for durability and functionality thus too heavey for effective racing. A racing droid will need to be durable, but also light and fast. Thus a third design meant only for racing. Details are still in the dreaming stage but I want my race droid to look like a souped up coupe complete with air-intakes, air-foils, and huge exaust pipes like a drag racer. The Astromech model to use I haven't decided on yet, but I'm either going to use the R3 or the R5. The R3 is just like a R2, but with a transparent dome. That might look cool for a racing droid. The R5 because...well...they aren't good for anything in the ST Universe so might as well race 'em and crash 'em, hehe.
Other than that, nothing new. Stay tuned for more updates on the construction of R6-C9; same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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