Sunday, June 25, 2006

Entry for June 25, 2006 (Duh Day)

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

Well today is a perfect example of a "DUH" moment. Starting yesterday I was testing an LED pattern for the rear logic display, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried everything from new batteries to asking for help from other builders. Today however, after exhausting all other ideas, I thought to "DUH" read the instructions and see if I missed anything. And lo and behold, I had the stupid LEDs reversed. Once I corrected that, the LEDs lit up like a Christmas tree. So I hearby make today national "DUH" awareness day (hehe).

In other news, I decided it would be easier to construct R6's head building a frame out of the signfoam and then wrapping some kind of plastic sheeting around it. My dad agrees it would make it easier considering the shape of the head.


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