Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Entry for May 30, 2006

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R6 has a spark of life.
During the past two days I've finaly been testing those light ciruits I made back when I first began this blog. Out of the three (two Logic Display flashers and one PSI flasher) only one worked: one of the logic display flashers. I found the problem with the second Logic Display flasher: both IC chips were in backwards lol. The PSI circuit is a different matter.... I have no idea. It's a complex design so the problem could be anywhere. So I decided to toss it and try a simpler design. At first I discovered I misread the schematic and bought the wrong type of capacitors. But once I had that fixed the lights wouldn't flash, they just stayed on. But then I found the problem AGAIN with the capacitors, this time I had then wired wrong. Once I had that corrected the lights flashed. Yippee! It looks really cool and if I had a video camera I'd record it so all of you could see it. This circuit is just a test one on a testing board. Next step is to make two printed versions. Might be a week before I get that finished....or two. Will need to get a circuit etching kit....some blank boards....or maybe I'll just use wires....I'm hungry....hmm....zzzzzzz....


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