Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Entry for July 18, 2006

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

Got the Fiber Optic cable today. After some testing, I have ruled out the 3mm unjacketed Fiber (that's a solid piece 3mm thick without a rubber sleeve on it). Looks the same as the Black Endglow 5/32" (that's 3mm) Solid Cable, but it's not very flexable so I think I would have a hard time using it. The LG-64 cable is more flexable than the unjacketed cable and because it contains 64 tiny fibers in a 3mm sleeve you get a pixelated effect when light shines through it. The Endglow cable is the most flexable and it looks nice. Now I just have to decide which of the last two I want to use. Someday I'll get a camera so you can all see the test results and such for yourself so you know what I'm talking about. I'm thinking about getting a plain digital camera that can double as a webcam and thus be able to record video. This would be a cheaper solution than buying a digital camcorder....I think. I won't start construction of the final parts untill I get a camera so don't worry about missing anything.


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