Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Entry for June 20, 2006

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

The one problem with doing something you've never done before, such as building a robot prop, is the costly mistakes you make because you didn't know any better. Today I learned that all the LEDs I had bought off of ebay are the wrong types. First I bought 5mm ultrabrights but discovered they were too big. So I bought the correct size (3mm) but then discovered I should have gotten standard LEDs and not the ultrabrights. The ultrabrights were requiring a lot of power so I inquired about it on "The Club's" message board. They pointed out I was using ultrabrights when I should be using standard. Well how was I supposed to know there was a difference. So now I've spent $10.00 + shipping (shipping was about $10-$15 per bag of 100 LEDs) and now have 1000 LEDs I have almost no use for LOL! Someday I'll research before I buy....but that'll be years from now I fear. Anyway....nuts, have to go to work now. I'll finish this later tonight when I get off....I have to close tonight Image.


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