Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Entry for April 11, 2007

[Originally published on Yahoo! 360°]

So I made two big decisions about R6-C9 in just 30 seconds ago....
First, I have finally decided on R6's color (pictured above). What do you think?
Second, I have decided that R6 will be an R/C droid, but not at first. 1st stage will be to make him a static droid in three leg mode but designed to be easily upgraded with drive motors in the feet and the required R/C electronics. 2nd stage will be to apply the R/C upgrade with preparations for the 3-2-3 middle foot system. The 3rd and final stage will be to apply the 3-2-3 system. By dividing the construction into stages, I will be able to pace the construction so I feel like I'm getting something completely finished. I even have the 1st stage divided into sub-stages. I'm currently working on the head. After that, the main body, and then the legs & feet. I won't start one until I have finished one stage completely....but you know how I am with sticking with my plans, lol.

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