Monday, August 20, 2007

Comparing Blogs and Intro

Hi. For those who haven't been following my other blog, my name is John. I am a two year member of the R2-D2 Builders Club and I am currently building my very first astromech droid. For clarification, an astromech droid is a type of droid in the Star Wars universe, like the difference between a sedan and an SUV. Both are cars, but both are different. In Star Wars, the character R2-D2 (artoo-detoo) is an astromech droid manufactured by the fictional Industrial Automation company. There are several different models of astromechs including the P2-unit, the R1 through R9-units and the Q9-units.

The astromech model I chose as my first fan-made, full scale replica is the R6-unit, which I have named R6-C9.
The picture to the right is a homemade representation of what my droid will look like when completed.
Currently I'd say he's about 10-15% complete.

Currently I am evaluating Blogger with the blog service I have been using Yahoo! 360. If I decide I like Blogger better, I'll copy all my post from Yahoo! 360 here so all of you can catch up on how I got to where I currently am with this insane hobby.

So for now, I will be putting the same updates on both blogs until I have chosen one over the other.
Cya laterz,

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