Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Head towards the light

Tada! This video shows the PIC LED Flasher at work. This is just a prototype though. I'll soon have pictures of the final soon as I can buy more wire. Imagine this prototype in a small box. There will be holes drilled above each LED and in these holes the fiber optics will be put. Then the fiber optics will be arranged in a pattern one of the other R2 Builders made and is used by most other builders. The circuit controlling the LEDs is the PIC LED Flasher I've shown in the past (check out the very early postings (note that I haven't copied those postings to this blog from Yahoo 360 yet. Click here to see them there)). It's polarity is backwards from what you'd expect. The green wire is the positive and the red wires are the negative. LEDs are polarity sensitive so they must be connected correctly. If you look at one from the top, you'll see that one side has a flat edge while the rest is round, like a dome. The flat side is the negative.

More coming soon.

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