Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to the drawing board

Long time no see....er, post, I guess.....nvm.
Work has increased and so thus has my time there (can you say OT!). I also just recently moved to my very own apartment and have been busy getting my junk out of boxes (I have a lot).

Now on to business:

Last time on "The New Droid Workshop," I was setting up the fiber optics for my droid's PSI displays.

But a problem accured, one I can't resolve with the current prototype. I discovered the plastic tubes I was using to hold the fiber over the LEDs were too small for a few of the groups. I couldn't fit all the fiber cords into the same tube (7 seems to be the limit) and I can't replace the tubes with bigger ones because theirs no more room to fit them. Thus I can't use this for the PSI's. So I have two options: 1 is to use an already tried and true method already being used by other R2 Builders, or 2 I can try to redesign my PSI. I haven't decided yet as I'm not sure how I can fix the problem without making the thing too big to use on my R6 head. So to be continued on the PSI part of the build. In the mean time, seeing as how I can't use the current PSI setup I have, I opened it up to show you what I did inside.

Until next time,