Monday, October 26, 2009

Last week's work and beyond

So besides last weeks pictures I also found more pictures from the summer still on my camera.

The glue is now dry.

Two halfs of a leg. Still have a little trimming to do plus research before I glue it into one whole piece. The research is to see if there is anything more I need to do to the leg that would be easier as two pieces.

2nd leg pieces being glued.

2nd leg now at same stage as the other leg.

Showing off how it will look when glued.

Flip side of the 2nd leg.

Ok. That's it for the summer. Now onto last Monday.

One of the legs still needs the "arm pits" routed out (I did not name it, that's what the Club calls them). You can see the pencil outline of where I will be cutting.

"Arm pits" done. Came out real nice. Note how close I came to running out of wood on the inside. If I ever make wooden legs again, I'll make the center layer thicker in that area.

Rough cut circles for the Shoulder Flanges. I only need 2 but made 4 to be safe.

Smoothed Shoulder Flange. Unfortunately I made them too big. I will have to re-cut them to the correct size next time I'm in the shop.

The Shoulder Flange is the silver metal you see between R2-D2's body and shoulders.


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