Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yeah so, hey. I guess you're wondering why I haven't posted any updates since June. The reason is two fold: 1) I ran into a "fork-in-the-road" concerning what I wanted to do about the 2-3-2 leg conversion and so I stopped working on R6 until I could make a decision, and 2) I kept putting off updating the blog. But I'm back now and I have several things I've done since June to catch you up on, so on with the show.

The first 2 photos shows the mistake I mentioned in the last post where I cut two outer pieces too short. The 1st photo shows it looked when I made the mistake and the 2nd photo shows the how it should look.

Glueing the center ankle's 1/2" pieces.

The center ankle's outer pieces cut correctly this time.

Can't remember exactly what I was trying to show here. I think I was just showing these pieces after the glue had finished drying.

Center ankle ready to glue on the outer pieces.

Thought it best to glue the outer pieces one at a time.

Closeup of some pockets where a "metal" detail piece will go. There are 2 pockets on each leg.

2 1/2" hole for mounting the shoulder hub. This is the outer side of the legs.

Don't they just line up perfectly?

Glueing the 1/4" detail pieces on both legs.

These photos were taken over the summer. I recently started work in the shop again and have pictures of what I did, but I'll show those in the next posting.


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