Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas updates

Well this past week I've built and tested the Rear Logic Display circuit with mixed results. The LEDs work, but the PIC Flasher circuit didn't. I'm not sure why. It may have gotten damaged from too much handling. I'll have to run some test (staring at and pleading with it mostly) before I can conclude it is wasted. Luckily I have two of these flasher kits so I was still able to test the LEDs.

Also, I got in the mail the motor that makes the head turn.
You just put a wheel on the axle and place the tread up against the inside rim of the Rockler bearing. Then you plug the motor into a small speed controller which then connects to the R/C receiver. I still have to get the wheel and rig up a way to mount the motor.
Ironically, this motor came from a surplus store in Orlando Florida, the city where the convention will be.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Collecting time

So I've mostly figured out what parts I need and how I'm going to assemble them. Thus far I'm going to be using:

The CFSound III sound control board to playback the R2 sound clips,
The 12ch RF remote system to activate the CFSound III,
The Sabertooth 2X25 Duel Motor Speed Controller for the feet,
The SyRen 10 Speed Controller for the head motor,
2 NPC 2212 DC motors for the feet,
1 Pittman GM9236 DC motor for the head (ordered),
1 12V Gel-Cel Battery,
1 homemade automatic control circuit for the head/sound (in progress)
1 Spektrum DX6i 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio control system with the BR6000 bot receiver
1 set of JAG steel outer/inner foot shells (ordered).

Some have already been ordered, while the rest must wait until I hvae saved more money. I have most of the parts for the automated circuit and will start that when the last piece comes in.

For the front/rear Processor State Indicators, because they run on no more than 9V, I need to add a voltage regulator to their power supply to reduce the voltage from 12V to 9V. For this I also need just one more part which is on order.

The JAG steel feet will be mailed to me sometime in March of 2010.

That's about all for now.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tickets on Sale Now

Today is the first day tickets for Celebration V were on sale, so I bought a four day pass and booked a hotel near the convention center. Man, I can't wait for this.

I've started working again on the Logic Displays, cutting the fiber optics and making the circuit for the rear set. I've also started making a list of parts I'll need for the automated stuff. I found a circuit designed by Master Droid Builder Senna to randomly trigger the head motor and the sound device. I've already got some of the parts for it, waiting on the rest to arrive by mail. Still need to get the motor for the head, the sound device, and a rechargeable battery for everything. All requires money, so I'll be getting this stuff a little at a time, but should have it all long before August.

Can't wait for this winter weather to blow away to spring so I can get back into the shop.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here's the plan

I've finally finalized the color scheme I'm going to use for R6-C9, pictured below. This is it. Final. No going back. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
It'll be a "gun-metal" kind of color. I know what I want it to look like, but how to achieve it I will have to learn. So if I get to paint any parts before C-V, this is the color.

Other decisions: I have decided (for the most part) what features I will focus on getting done and what I will save for after the convention. I am going to focus mostly on the head; getting the skin on it, installing the lights, etc, as well as hopefully getting some automation going for the head turning and talking. If you read my very first few blog postings (2005), I was wanting to make R6 just an automated display and then build another droid with all the tricks (most likely R2-D2). The plans for R6 have evolved several times since. To date, I think I want to be able to drive R6 around by remote, but also be able to leave him standing still while talking and turning his head when someone gets close enough to trigger an IR sensor. So the automated stuff I want to have working by Convention time. As for the body, I'll have it assembled with the legs and maybe skins attached. I've just ordered a set of steel foot shells for the feet. I'm not going to setup the motor drives, just have some temporary wheels installed so he can stand up.

So, in review, by convention time R6 will:
Have a mostly (if not fully) skinned head with lights
Have a completed body frame with legs and temp feet and maybe body skins
Have working automated sound and head rotaion

A small list, but still a big job to do. Hopefully, no, I will have all of this done in time.

I must be crazy.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today officially announced the dates and location for the next Star Wars convention, Star Wars Celebration V (5). Click here to see the news on

It will be in early August in Orlando Florida. I've never been there so this will be fun, and it'll be a whole lot easier for me to travel there. I missed Celebration IV, but not this one. I will have R6-C9 on display there, ready or not. Hopefully I'll at least have him on his own feet.

I'm still going to take a break for the winter because of the cold and stuff, but as soon as it gets in the 50's again, I'll be making saw dust. Dude, I've got planning to do. The Club is already buzzing about this. I've gotta move it, move it.