Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas updates

Well this past week I've built and tested the Rear Logic Display circuit with mixed results. The LEDs work, but the PIC Flasher circuit didn't. I'm not sure why. It may have gotten damaged from too much handling. I'll have to run some test (staring at and pleading with it mostly) before I can conclude it is wasted. Luckily I have two of these flasher kits so I was still able to test the LEDs.

Also, I got in the mail the motor that makes the head turn.
You just put a wheel on the axle and place the tread up against the inside rim of the Rockler bearing. Then you plug the motor into a small speed controller which then connects to the R/C receiver. I still have to get the wheel and rig up a way to mount the motor.
Ironically, this motor came from a surplus store in Orlando Florida, the city where the convention will be.


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