Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bonus Round

I know I said I couldn't use the shop anymore, but it turns out it will take a little longer to get everything squared away. So in the mean time, I have permission to keep using it until the family is ready to clear everything out. In addition, I have "acquired" some free time from work this month so I can spend all my time working in the shop. So now I can correct all the mistakes on the version 2 frame. The following is all the work I've done this entire week.

The new vertical ribs newly cut, plus 3 extra on the left there "just in case."

The vertical ribs with the link notches cut out.

New vertical ribs installed.

Placed the inner/front skin to test alignment.

Inside the body with inner/front skin on. All notches look perfect.

Next I remade all the horizontal ribs. I had to remake them twice because the first time I made them 1-1/2" thick instead of 1-1/4" thick. I didn't take any pictures because they look identical to the previous ones and you've seen those already. Below shows the all the pieces put together.





Front with inner/front skin.

Back with inner/rear skin.

Skin overlap check. Just a smidge off, but close enough. The head will hide this.

While I was on a roll, I re-tackled the leg mounting hubs. Originally, I was going to use two 3/4" pipes and then connect them together in the middle. Well I found that to be a lot of trouble and not very sturdy. Now trying to find a 3/4" pipe that will fit inside a 1" pipe is next to impossible. However, another builder found that a 1" pipe will fit inside a 1-1/4" pipe just fine. So I remade the leg hubs and attached a 1" pipe flange on one and a 1-1/4" pipe flange on the other. I used the old hubs to drill the holes for the bolts to connect to the legs.

New Leg hubs.

One 1" water pipe inside a 1-1/4" water pipe. I cut both to a length of 14".

Leg hubs with the water pipes J-B Weld'ed together.

Taking a break this weekend and then, if I still can, will try to do some more work in the shop. I want to get the holes drilled for the leg pipes to fit into on the body. Also, I'm wanting to place the Rockler bearing on the body instead of the head so mounting the head rotation motor will be easier. At this rate, R6 will be standing up in no time.


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