Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glue is a tasty treat

Finally decided to start gluing the body together. But unlike the first time, I'm going to glue the pieces on a few at a time, saving the top and bottom for last (pending any further modifications). Additionally, I finished mounting the Rockler bearing to the top of the body.

To start, I only glued uprights D, G's, and E to the #2 rib. I left C unglued so I could remove it to fit the front ribs in place. That will come after this sits over night. The top and bottom are not glued, but I placed them to insure the other pieces are aligned correctly.

Something else I've been working on. I recently discovered a servo controller designed to receive input from a Play Station 2 controller. This intrigued me. It might be more interesting to use a small wireless game controller instead of a bulky R/C transmitter to control R6-C9. It's called the Cheap 6 Channel (C6C) servo controller. It's made by a small company called Cheap Control Systems. For $35, you can get the DIY kit, or for $50 have them assemble it for you. I of course went with the cheaper option. The web site has very clear instructions on how to use, assemble, and test it.

The C6C

A generic PS2 WiFi controller. Note that while most PS2 controllers will work, it seems all Logitech controllers will not for some reason.

The C6C mostly assembled, minus the battery, the IC ship, and the PS2 adapter.

Once I had finished testing the circuit, I made a video showing what it can do.

Still undecided if I want to use it on R6-C9. It is cheaper, but an R/C system is a proven technology for this application. Will have to do further testing before I can come to a decision.


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