Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One chapter ends, another begins

Last Friday, at approximately 4:15pm est, my Grandmother passed away. She leaves behind 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. She was kind, strong willed, and just awesome. She will be greatly missed.

Of course this means any kind of shop work is now over until a new location to setup the shop can be obtained. Yesterday was my last chance to use the old shop. After the funeral the house will be cleaned out and sold at auction. All the heavy power tools will probably be placed in storage for the time being. Yet even more reason for me to buy my own house. Well, let me show you what I did yesterday and what I still need to do.

Yesterday I nearly completed the bottom base disc for the body. All it needs now is to have the left and right side cut flat. I would have done it but I was having trouble getting the skins to lineup good enough to mark where to cut, so I'll deal with it later. to the right is the two shoulder support boards. They are done and ready to install.

After I moved everything to my apartment last night (who knew I had so much stuff at the shop), I did a mock assemble of the body to see if all the parts fit good. Good thing I checked before gluing. I have found that all the front horizontal ribs do not line up correctly and need to be remade as well as vertical ribs A B and C. Despite my careful measuring, the positioning of these parts are wrong. Everything else seems good for now.

Well, that's it. Until I get a new shop to work in, I won't be able to work on the body and legs anymore. I still have things I can do though, like the electronics and the skins. Skins are nearly ready for gluing together. Just a few more panels to cut out.


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