Friday, March 26, 2010

Shoulder Transplant

Well I remade the shoulder supports today. But I forgot to bring the skins with me so I couldn't mark them for drilling again. Will do that tomorrow I guess. In the least I was able to finish the PCB tray today.

Program note: Today I'm going to try another way of inserting pictures into the blog. Originally I was using Blogger's image insert but it was time consuming and was hard to edit. Yesterday I just pasted the HTML thumbnail code from Photobucket. Today I'm going to try using the regular HTML image code so the pictures are a little bigger.

Here is one of the new shoulder supports with a 1/4" deep by 1/2" wide pocket for the "shoe."
Slot for "shoe" "Shoe" in slot

After fitting the shoulder supports into the body, I installed the "support shoe" and then slid in the PCB tray.
Shoe installed into body PCB tray in body, rear PCB tray in body, front

Here's a video of how it works.

So tomorrow I'll bring the skins and get the holes drilled for the legs. I think I'll have the correct drill bit size this time, 1-1/2" hole for the 1" pipe and 1-3/4" hole for the 1-1/4" pipe.


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