Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lend me your ears

Nearly finished with the hardware for the audio.

Here is a riser card for the Arduino microprocessor. This makes is easy to connect wires to it.
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Here we have a cheap desktop speaker set. After testing it on my computer to ensure good quality sound, I disassembled it. This will plug into the VMusic2 module. The advantage of using these kind of speakers is already having the amplifier and speakers matched and working. Just plug & play. I'll be connecting new speaker wire from the speakers to the amp.
The speakers will be mounted onto each shoulder support. I'm going to drill a hole through them for the speakers to fit into as outlined. Will use a router for this.
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It's important to note that I also chose these speakers because they came with an plug in AC to DC (no, not the band) power adapter, which means I can plug the amp into a DC power source (i.e. battery) with no problems. However, the amp requires no more or less than 7.5V and the battery I'll be using is a 12V. To solve this, I'm going to make a voltage regulator. This will convert the 12V into 7.5V by bleeding the extra 4.5V out as heat. Parts are on order.


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