Sunday, March 20, 2011

Return of the Belt Drive

Today I humbly acknowledge I jumped the gun ordering the chain-driven scooter wheels & motors. When I received the chain version, I discovered the chains where the same length as the belts and the wheel axle was about the same as well (though the wheel itself was slimmer). So I got on the Club's forum and pleaded for enlightenment. In a short amount of time I was told to use a shorter belt (was given a size to try) and to replace the axle. I was also given a scooter drive bracket template to use to build my own.

Why didn't I ask for help in the first place? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

So with a pair of smaller belts on order, 399mm instead of the 447mm I bought, I now will try to return all the chain-driven scooter parts. If I can't return them, I should be able to sell them to someone in the club.

So today I went to the shop to try making some modifications to my belt wheels.
Here is a close-up of the brake drum on the wheel hub. The original Razor E100 belt wheel didn't have this part so I decided to try to cut it off.
Closeup of brake drum

Here is that long axle, now off the wheel. It was being held on by the two inner nuts. Once I took off the nuts the axle came right off. In it's place I'll put a shorter bolt of similar diameter.
Removed Axle

The wheel without the axle. The brake drum I discovered is screwed on. I discovered this after I cut it off with my Dremel. Will note for the other wheel.
Removing brake drum

With the brake drum off I used my Dremel to cut off the extra 1/2" of hub. Now the hub is flush with the bearing.
Extra material cut off

I noticed something blocking the axle hole from inside the wheel so I removed the three bolts and the wheel hub became two pieces. Inside was a loose spacer the axle goes through.
Modified wheel disassembled

Next time I'll do the same to the other wheel and build a bracket prototype out of 1/8" MDF using the design given to me. If this design works for me I'll order aluminum tubing for the final product.


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