Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting and Wiring

It was a nice day today so I was able to get a little more painting done. The three panels I've been working on are finally done and I put a third coat on the two blue panels.

I also started to wire up the legs for the foot drive but ran short of those Anderson Power Pole (APP) connectors. More are on order. Since I'll have to remove the wiring later when I'm ready to paint the legs, I'll be using temporary connectors on one end of the leg wiring so I don't waste any of the APP connectors.

Still saving up for new wheels for the foot drive. Hope to be able to have them in time for the Droid-Con.

I need to make one final adjustment to the foot drive brackets before I install them. For some reason they don't line up right inside the foot shell for the motor to fit. I've determined if I cut off one corner on the wheel end then I can make it fit. Will try to do this on Sunday. I also need to get a caster wheel for the center foot.

So much to do, so little money.


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