Sunday, May 1, 2011

Received New Wheel....but......

Quicker than I was expecting, the new scooter wheels from China have arrived....buuuuut there's a problem. When the eBay description said "fresh from the factory" they meant it. The wheels do not have any bearings. Why is this important you ask? Allow me to explain. [Takes deep breath] Two bearings go inside the center hole of the wheel so a. the wheel will sit level on the axle and b. so despite the weight on the axle, the wheel can still rotate smoothly. As soon as I realized my problem I sent out an S.O.S. to the Club asking for advice hoping for a fix. Luckily someone was able to direct to where I could purchase the bearings needed. So all's well that ends well. The bearings are on order and should arrive shortly. Need to be more careful when buying on eBay. Especially when the item is coming from China.

Anyway, pictures of the bearing-less wheels below. Enjoy.
New Wheel New Wheel New Wheel

In other news, today I gave a fresh coat of paint to the feet. Over the past year they've been knocked around a bit from transporting them to and from the shop so chipped paint has occurred and exposure to the light has dulled the color a bit. This time I'm going to try finishing up with some clearcoat to help protect the paint and give it a bit of a shine. I'm also thinking about painting some of the chipped paint spots an aluminum color for a weathering effect.



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