Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scooter Foot Drive Complete....and other stuff

At long last the foot drive is assembled and working. I tell you I've had more setbacks with this one component than with the rest of the droid put together. Here's hoping it stays that way.

When I first placed the new wheel on the bracket I noticed a problem. The hole I drilled near the wheel to mount the bracket to the foot was in the way of the wheel. Oops. Drilled that sucker a little too high. So back to the shop to re-drill. This time I decided it would be easier if a longer bolt went all the way through the bracket. So I also drilled matching holes on the other side. Another problem I found was the motor being 3/16" too long preventing the bracket to rest against that side of the foot shell. I solved this by adding a nut between the bracket and the inside of the foot shell. Hopefully this will work without any problems.
Mounting bolt Mounting bolt New mounting hole

All that's left now is to clear coat the foot shells and then I can fully assemble R6-C9 and make him walk for the first time. I've already clear coated the center foot and will clear coat the two outer feet tomorrow.

Droid-Con starts this Friday. Be there!


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