Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Steps to Finished Head

I'm getting there. Little by little, I'm getting there.

Face Piece Face Piece
This is the piece of styrene that will wrap around the main "face" area of the head. In the second pic you see how I have glued a strip of styrene onto one edge. This is so I can bend the other end around and glue it together, making a cone shape with the tip missing.

Face Piece Glued Face Piece Glued
Here's the "face" piece clamped down while it drys. Will be done by Sunday evening.

The glue I'm using for this is the Gorilla Glue. I'm using it because I need the extra strength it has. I also sanded the surface so the glue would have a rough surface to bond to. This is actually the my second attempt at this piece. The first time I used a different glue and it didn't hold very long. Remember when using Gorilla Glue that it expands as it drys, so make sure you place a lot of weight on it with a clamp or a heavy object so the joints don't separate as the glue expands.

Broken Head Rib
While I've been messing around test fitting and such, I accidentally broke off one of the top support ribs. No easy way to fix it, though I might not need to. I'm going to try to fit the top styrene piece without it and see how it feels.

Speaking of messing around, I wanted to play a little bit by connecting the PSI's and approximately placing them and rotating the head. Of course I recorded it so you could join in the fun.

I recently started a new job which means I'll be busy learning it for the next few months, but it also means better money down the road, which means the ability to purchase everything else I need to finish R6-C9 faster. I hope.

Also coming up on Feb. 4th is another Mid-West Droid Builders Gathering. Note the date is one day before the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl just so happens to be in my home city of Indianapolis Indiana. Traffic is going to be like many choice words. If you know what I mean.


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