Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of the New Year with Head Work


So I'm sitting at home playing my new favorite game, The Old Republic, all the while R6-C9 is sitting next to my desk, and I can't help but start thinking between killing Sith Lords and such how to solve various droid building puzzles, such as fitting all the electronics into R6's head, when I start having a brain storm and next thing I know I'm off to the shop to make one little wooden piece and drill a few holes a span of 3 hours (give or take) I made an electronics mounting tray for the head. Check it out.

So I got thinking about how easy or difficult it will be to work on the head's insides so I thought a removable tray like the body has would be ideal. Thus I came up with this:

Head Electronic Plate
This is the piece I cut out from the bottom of the new head. I thought, "it will fit perfectly and there's plenty of room to mount all the techno stuff."

PSI Circuits Mounted
The Processor State Indicator (PSI) circuits.

Main Power Switch Hole (top) Main Power Switch Hole (bottom) Main Power Switch (bottom) Main Power Switch (top)
That hole is for the main power switch for everything in the head. Typically me, I didn't think to drill the blasted hole until after I started mounted the PSI's. Silly me. Had to remove them so I could drill the hole. The wood is 3/4" thick so I had to drill a larger hole most of the way through so I could mount the switch.

Sub Power Switch Bracket Sub Power Switch Mounted (front) Sub Power Switch Mounted (rear)
This is for a set of sub-power switches so I can turn off each component if needed. Most of the time they'll stay on and I'll just use the main switch.

Logic Display Circuits Mounted
PIC LED Flasher circuits for the Logic Displays mounted.

Sub Power Switch Bracket Mounted
Sub-Power Switches installed.

Head Electronic Tray Complete
Everything wired. This setup will use two 9V batteries connected in parallel for double the amperage. All the black wires are tied together while the red wires connect the switches in parallel to the main switch. I'll make a schematic some day to help that mess of wires make sense.

Next up is connecting the tray to the head in an easy to remove fashion. Wish me luck.


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