Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nearing the Finish Line

OK, boys and girls. We are getting close to being done building the head....finally!

I've been working on this for the past week so lots to show you. Not only do I have the electronics tray installed, but I've started adding the skin as well.

Head with Electronic Tray Logic LED Tude mounted Above view PSI wires
So here's the head with the electronics tray mounted. I even have the Logic LED Tubes mounted, just need the fiber optics now. I put connectors on the PSI wires so I can disconnect them if needed.

Wire soldered to LED Heat Shink added
I soldered wiring to the PSI LED's and then used heat shrink to protect the solder joints. Once I have the skin done I will mount these and connect them to the PSI circuits.

Head Electronics Tray closed Head Electronics Tray open
I used a triangle hinge to mount the tray to the head and a single screw to hold it closed. With the main switch on the bottom, I shouldn't need to open it except to replace the batteries and/or do maintenance. Works pretty well I think.

Neck Styrene glued on.
This clamp is holding the neck piece of styrene while it drys at the seam. Had to cut two pieces before I got it right. Once this is dry, I'll test fit the main piece but I don't want to glue it on until I get the fiber optics finished. Trying to installed the fiber optics after all the styrene pieces are on will be next to impossible. However, I've already cut the main piece and it looks like it will fit well. I'll know for sure once I get that clamp off.

Should have more to post soon.


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