Monday, April 2, 2012

Time Flys

I just noticed I haven't posted anything since January. Please pardon my absence. I've been busy getting up to speed with a new job I started in January.

Sadly I haven't done anything new since my last post. I'm planning to real soon. Just dealing with a lot of work and little money to spare.

Speaking of money, my "Funds for Celebration VI" progress is $0.00. Though I've been trying to save money since last August, stuff keeps happening requiring money. At this point it's not looking promising I'll be able to put aside enough money. But there is still a chance. As long as nothing happens within the next five months, I should be able to put aside just enough money for the trip. Fingers crossed.

Coming up soon (I hope): I still have two body skin panels to repaint plus painting the main skin panels themselves. Also finishing the head. Just one more main piece of styrene (plus the two top pieces), paint and lights and it's done.

Spring time is building time.


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