Sunday, May 6, 2012

Begin Head Detailing

Last night I took the wooden sticks off. Thankfully, the second layer stayed on and the edges didn't peel up. Below are the Front, Right Side, Back, Left Side and mounted pictures.
Photobucket Right side Back Left side Photobucket

Later today I intend to take the head to my Dad's shop and drill out the PSI and HP holes. While I'm at it, I'm going to start painting the resin head parts I acquired years ago. In this picture are (left to right) 1 fixed-position holographic projector (will go on the back), 1 movable holographic projector (front, 3 pieces) and the iconic radar eye.
Holo Projectors and Radar Eye

The lenses for the radar eye is a separate piece which I will install once the radar is modified to fit and painted.

The HP's will be painted aluminum and the radar eye painted white in keeping with my chosen color scheme. In addition, I might also tackle the skin panels. Two need to be redone and the rest need clear coated. The results of all this tonight or tomorrow morning.


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