Monday, January 28, 2013

Holoprojectors and Bucket 'O Resin

This past week I got around to fixing the holoprojector holes in the head.  When I originally cut the holes, I made them too small.  So to fix this, I wrapped a piece of 200grit sandpaper to a cone-shaped plastic cup and slowly sanded the hole bigger.  Using a cone-shaped cup (or similar round object) is key because as you turn the cup in the hole, the sandpaper makes it bigger, thus the cup needs to get bigger so the sandpaper keeps contact with the edges.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Once I got the hole just right, the holoprojectors fit perfectly.  Once I get the head painted, I'll be able to permanently install them.

Something I forgot to mention that happened at Celebration VI.  After the room was all torn down on the last day, we held a prize drawing for various droid parts.  Everyone who volunteered in the room got a ticket-per-2 hours of volunteer work.  I got several.  In the end, I actually won something.  And that something is...........a Bucket 'O Resin!  No, it's not a bucket of raw resin.  It's a bucket filled with resin droid parts.  Almost every droid part that's made in resin by the Builders Club.  Some of the parts I don't need or already have.  But most I will be making use of.


Cool, isn't it?

And in Star Wars Episode VII news, J.J. Abrams in confirmed as the director.  Not a bad choice.  Thus far I'm feeling good about this new movie.  I hope they do the behind-the-scenes webisodes like they did for the prequels on



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