Thursday, June 27, 2013

Foot Drive Remake part 2

So the Sunday following my last post I caught a bad cold, but the shop wasn't available to me that day anyways.  The next Sunday was of course Father's Day so no time to work in the shop again.

Finally I was able to get into the shop last Sunday.  The new foot drive brackets are 95% done.  I just need to drill the mounting holes and then I can test them out.

 photo r6drivev2_003_zps71b45ed2.jpg  photo r6drivev2_004_zpsb451c51c.jpg  photo r6drivev2_005_zpsaccd9420.jpg  photo r6drivev2_006_zpsd9a3baef.jpg

Next Sunday I also hope to start work on the new legs.  Any ones guess if I can get them made in time for Droid-Con 2.


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