Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last minute building

Had trouble finding time to build R6 and update this blog due to being very busy at work this past month.  but now I'm on vacation this week for Droid-Con 2.  Let the games begin.

Version 2 foot drives are now complete, assembled, installed and tested.

 photo r6drivev2_007_zps341dca70.jpg  photo r6drivev2_008_zps883f9010.jpg  photo r6drivev2_009_zps00620b20.jpg  photo r6drivev2_010_zpsf7e21fc6.jpg  photo r6drivev2_011_zpsdea37c14.jpg  photo r6drivev2_012_zps2885eb76.jpg

It's a bit sluggish on the carpet, but I think I can fix that by tightening the drive belts a little more.

In addition, I've started working again on the Logic Displays.  My big road block of late has been securing the fibers in the bezels.  Recently it was suggested to me to try using a hot glue gun.  Amazingly that worked perfectly.  I now have both halves of the Front logic Display fibered up and ready for installing.
Front Logic Fiber Bundles photo FinishedFrontLogicFiberBundles07-30-13_zps6ea0321f.jpg

But before I do that, to give the logics more depth, I glued in another piece of styrene behind the logic cutouts in the head.  When dry, I'll cut out the holes, fill the seams and then install the Front Logics.

To fill in all the gaps and seams on the head, I'll be using a product used for minor automobile body repair, Bondo.  I've never used this stuff before but I'm told it's the best stuff to use for this purpose.

This weekend is the 2nd annual Droid-Con!  If you're coming, see you there.  Of course I'll be taking some video and pictures.


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