Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life Goes On

Happy New Year!!!  May people be wiser than last year for once (not holding my breath).

Anyways, long time no see.  I apologize for not posting anything about Droid-Con 2 or anything else I've done since.  Just got preoccupied  with various things that had to take priority.  This weekend I'll try to make the time to post about Droid-Con 2 and a few other important things concerning my droid building.  But be assured, I'm still in this to the end.  R6-C9 will be completed.  Though at this rate it may be the last thing I do.

See you later,



Anonymous said...

How is your project coming along? I am looking for a droid to make a cameo appearance in a Star Wars fan trailer. Interested?

John said...

Hi. R6-C9 is pretty much the same as I last reported....half done. I've been meaning to update my blog for some time now but life keeps finding other things to keep me busy. Thanks for asking me to bring my Droid for an appearance but he's not quite ready yet. There are a few other builders with R2-D2's in Indiana that might be able to help. Just register at and post a request in the Club Activities sub-forum with where, when, what and who.