Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Leg Work

Did some more leg work this weekend.  Made a template out of 1/4" plywood for cutting out the arm pits.

I then used it to cut out the arm pits on the two 3/4" center pieces using a router with a pattern wheel.  In addition I also cut out the center of the both 3/4" pieces.  This provides room inside the leg for the bolts that attach the shoulder hubs to the legs, space for the wiring to the foot motors and helps make the legs lighter.  You don't want to remove too much however or the leg might not be durable enough.  Leave enough material for structural integrity and to glue the other pieces too.

Next I routed out a 4-1/8" circle out the two 1/2" pieces that face the body.  These holes provide clearance for the shoulder hub pipe bolts.

All of this is just like with the original legs only last time I hand drew and cut out each arm pit on each piece independently.  This time around I'll use the template to ensure all the arm pit cutouts match up.  As a side note, despite not having used this arm pit template last time, I still somehow managed to get them practically identical to each other.

No updates next weekend.  Will be too busy with something else.  Hopefully the week after I can get more done.  Until then,


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