Saturday, January 10, 2015

Status update 2015

I know, I know.  I completely dropped the ball last year with any new news or old news.

So here's the deal.  First, I have not stopped wanting to finish building R6-C9.  I even started making new legs for him but made a huge mistake in making the new template that I didn't notice until I had already made several pieces....all of which I had to scrap and at that point I had to walk away and regroup.  Second, I have my own house now so while that means I finally have space for a proper workshop, I also have the house itself that needs some TLC which must take priority over any hobbies.  Plus the long hours at my job and you get little time and little money left over.

I hope to get started doing something with R6 this year, even if it's little steps at a time.  Try to focus on one detail at a time.  And if I can manage that, I'll post something about it when able.  No promises when that'll happen.

As for back logged updates like Droid-Con's 2 and 3, I'll try to get those posted before I do any other postings.

BTW, the Episode VII teaser is released and looks AWESOME!  Can't wait.  Only 12 months until the new movie is in theaters!  I plan to take vacation that week so I can get the earliest showing.


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