Thursday, June 16, 2016

Droid-Con 4 Is GO!

Well as luck would have it, I am able to attend all four days of this years Droid-Con after all.  Cya there.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebration Orlando (or Celebration 8)

Yeah.  So Lucasfilm recently announced "Celebration Orlando" in April of 2017.  Yes, of course I'm going.  R2 Builders Club is all ready buzzing about it and making plans.  Maybe I can win the Droid Races this time.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Over Due Update

Yeah.  Long time since last post.

I've had a lot on my plate lately so my Droid building hobby has had to take a back seat for a awhile.  Main issue has been a little water leak in my workshop space in the basement when it rains.  I've had to completely dissemble my workshop so I could fix it.  I think I have it temporarily fixed so all that's left to to everything back together again.
Second issue is after assembling the new legs I found flaws in the measurements.  So back to square one with that.  Will have to make a new template again and get a new miter saw.  Current one is decades old, slightly out of alignment and can't be realigned.  Once I get the shop put back together again I can start on Legs version 3.

Droid-Con IV is this June, but unlike last time I'll only be attending one day.  Need the vacation days for something else.

One new project idea I recently thought of is making the head of the droid HK-47, the assassin droid from the RPG video game Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware.  Haven't figured out how I'll make it yet.  When complete I want him to have glowing eyes, servo-controlled head tilting and voice track playback.  He'll be automated so when you get near him he'll start twiching his head and say a phase from the game.  I don't think anyone else has done this before...that I can thus far find anyway.

[Closing Statement] "Will try to give another update soon....meatbags."