Thursday, March 31, 2016

Over Due Update

Yeah.  Long time since last post.

I've had a lot on my plate lately so my Droid building hobby has had to take a back seat for a awhile.  Main issue has been a little water leak in my workshop space in the basement when it rains.  I've had to completely dissemble my workshop so I could fix it.  I think I have it temporarily fixed so all that's left to to everything back together again.
Second issue is after assembling the new legs I found flaws in the measurements.  So back to square one with that.  Will have to make a new template again and get a new miter saw.  Current one is decades old, slightly out of alignment and can't be realigned.  Once I get the shop put back together again I can start on Legs version 3.

Droid-Con IV is this June, but unlike last time I'll only be attending one day.  Need the vacation days for something else.

One new project idea I recently thought of is making the head of the droid HK-47, the assassin droid from the RPG video game Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware.  Haven't figured out how I'll make it yet.  When complete I want him to have glowing eyes, servo-controlled head tilting and voice track playback.  He'll be automated so when you get near him he'll start twiching his head and say a phase from the game.  I don't think anyone else has done this before...that I can thus far find anyway.

[Closing Statement] "Will try to give another update soon....meatbags."


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