Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A weeks worth of updates

Good Morning Everybody!!! I have had a busy week with exciting updates! SO let's get started>>>>>>>>>

The picture above is R6's head after I took off the clamps (see previous post). Came out really nice I think. That empty space below the head and the rotation disc (disc #1) is what I'm working on now. I just need to put some 2" ribs down there. It's what I've come to call the neck. Now the exciting news is I've already started work on the neck and thus far the results are fantastic! I have all the grooves in disc #1 and disc #2a cut and sanded, plus I've already made the master rib template for the neck and have rough cut the rib pieces. All that's left to do is using the router to trim the ribs to match the master template, sand them smooth, and then glue them in. Pictures? Um...well...I didn't have my camera with me for this new stuff. But fear not! Before I do anything else, I'll take pics of everything I've already done. And now for some more big news. When I got back from the Mid-West Builders BBQ, I got an email from our host saying I had won his aluminum ankle cylinders. I was like "huh????" Turns out the host of the BBQ had a full set of astromech aluminum ankle cylinders he was going to give away, and for who knows why, he chose me. So this past week I received them in the mail. I'll put up pics of them as soon as I am brave enough to remove them from their packaging. So much for R6 only being wood and plastic. Now he'll have some real "bling" to show off.


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